Mindfulness at work

I deliver mindfulness at work training as well as Mindful Leadership training in the UK and France with Potential Project.

I work with organisations, teams and individuals to manage cultural and organisational changes, and maximise their performance and well-being by helping them develop the required mindset, supported by the essential skills necessary to succeed in today´s information-overloaded, always-on digital environment: Attention & Focus, Clarity, and Calm. Some of my recent customers are: Danone, Accenture, Equinix, Verizon, key players in the luxury industry, Covéa (insurances), AXA…

Enhancing performance and employees wellbeing is the key to sustainable growth.

PP is the global leader in organizational development and leadership development solutions, based on mind training. Our mission is to create more mindful and people centered organizations, with more humane leadership and happier employees. We bring greater focus, performance, effectiveness, resilience and compassion to our clients.

Potential Project is a global organization, based in 25 countries, serving 450+ companies through our network of 200 independent consultants and trainers.

Why mindfulness at work matters?

Our client base is mainly large companies like Microsoft, Accenture, Cisco, etc. who come to us for some of the following reason:

1. Leaders and their teams, are overwhelmed with the amount of information, change and the size of their To-Do list
2. Their organisations are suffering from lack of engagement and high turnover
3. They are constantly fire-fighting and losing sight of the bigger strategic picture
4. They are unable to focus and be productive amidst the constant change and ambiguity they are facing

Through mental training, mental strategies and pragmatic applications at work, we help our customers to develop more focus, resilience, clarity and engagement.

2018 Potential Project in brief

Mindfulness at work: Our Corporate Based Mindfulness Training

What our customers say: read some client stories.

Potential Project sur you-tube

Watch Rasmus Hougaard, Potential Project founder to understand and experience our approach:

Our book: One Second Ahead – Enhance Your Performance At Work with Mindfulness available on Amazon

The Mind of the Leader

It is based on 250 interviews of C-suite executives, assessment of 35,000 leaders and a thorough review of the existing research on leadership. In short, it presents cutting edge insight to how you lead yourself, your people and your organization for extraordinary results. The book has great stories and insights from executives of McKinsey, Microsoft, Lego, Marriott and many more.

The Mind of the Leader has been created in close collaboration with Harvard Business Review, my dear colleague Jacqueline Carter, and many wonderful colleagues in Potential Project. It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by this book.

The global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company says about the book: “The Mind of the Leader » has captured some of the essentials of leadership in the 21st century: being mindful, selfless and compassionate. With these, we are better able to engage our people and we bring more value to our clients.

The hard facts behind the crisis: leadership crisis: The-Hard-Facts-Behind-the-Current-Leadership-Crisis-Infographic

The 3 mental qualities of a great leader

Interview Jacqueline Carter on The Mind of the Leader

Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter talking about the mind of the leader:

Free Webinar on The Mind of the Leader

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and I’ll be happy to discuss with you how mindfulness can help your organisation and people.
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