Mindfulness-Based interventions in English

Mindfulness Course (MBSR)

I am teaching the mindfulness course in 8 weeks developed by Jon Kabat Zinn known as Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

In this mindfulness course you’ll learn to develop connection with your body and sensations, discover your habitual way of reacting, thinking and feeling so you can then find an alternative response that will be more sustainable for you. Mindfulness is not the panacea and difficult or painful /stressful events in life will still happen. That’s life and is inevitable. But you’ll be better equipped to face them, overcome difficulties thanks to a direct access to your inner natural resources. You’ll apprehend life more fully, with more peace and trust.

The course is made of 8 sessions of 2 hours each. There is as well a day of practice between session 6 and 7.

Each session contains live practice (body scan, sitting meditation, mindful movements), exchanges and discussions, experiental exercises.

Groups are small: 6 to 15 people. If you feel uncomfortable with the group approach or your professional life doesn’t enable such a regular attendance, I am happy to discuss this with you and see if a 1:1 tuition would be more appropriate. Just contact me to discuss.

Where and when do I teach?


I am working with Awaris UK.

Possibility of keynote to discover and experience our approach, workshops or training programmes.

We are less and less able to stay focus on task due to the constant distractions (open space, digital tools…). This leads to Attention Deficit Trait, multitasking coping strategies causing stress, loss of energy and creativity, and engagement.

Through mental training,  mental strategies and pragmatic application at work, one develop more calm, clarity and focus to enhance performance and wellbeing.

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