Dates and Venue

Mindfulness course: Dates and Venue

No group course at the moment but 1:1 courses available online via Zoom or skype anytime

You are traveling a lot, can’t commit to fix meetings every week, or you prefer being in a 1:1 rather than a group ?

You can follow the MBSR programme individually. I strictly follow the same protocol.

You can contact me now to discuss your needs and agree your personal training plan.

Before starting the 8 week course

There will be an orientation session prior the start of the course. Date coming soon. This  is a mandatory session in order to  enroll into the course. This will give you the opportunity to meet each other (it is really important to ensure that we are comfortable to be together in this 8-week journey),  understand what mindfulness is, what to except from the course and logistics aspects.

Participation of 5£ will be asked to be paid in advance for this session. I am sorry to have to do this, but I had so many cancellations or simply non attendance without notice that I have to proceed this way.

Once you attended the orientation session, you can decide to enroll the 8-week course. If you’re unsure, we may have an additional 1:1 chat if necessary.

Please contact me to confirm your interest. This will help me setting up the new group and kick off the course as there should be minimum 6 people in the class.

The course

The mindfulness course will then take place on :

Final dates coming soon.

There will be a practice day from 10am to 4pm (Saturday or Sunday) between session 6 and 7.

For those who are traveling a lot, there is the possibility to have 1:1 tuition over skype or Zoom or face to face at your own pace and dates (course fee to be discussed accordingly).


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