Mindfulness in 8 weeks course (MBSR)

I teach mindfulness in English or French in 1:1 tuition (possibility over skype) or in small groups.

I can also accompany your in more customized sessions to explore your specific questions and practice experience.

What is a mindfulness?

This eight-week mindfulness course is based upon the programme of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, developed in the United States by Jon Kabat Zinn, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, developed in the UK and Canada by Mark Williams, John Teasdale and Zindel Segal.

It is based on systematic and intensive training mindfulness meditation and mindful movements and their applications in everyday life and the range of challenges arising from medical and psychological conditions or life stresses.

Embedded within the context of Mind/Body and Integrative Medicine, the MBSR curriculum focuses on the experiential cultivation of both “formal” and “informal” mindfulness practices as a foundation for the cultivation of positive health behaviours and psychological and emotional resilience that can be effectively utilised across the adult life span.   The approach supports the learning, strengthening and integration of a range of mindfulness-based self-regulatory skills through the development and refinement of inherent internal resources. A primary aim is to cultivate ways of learning and being that can be utilised far beyond the completion of this programme.

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

Jon Kabat Zinn.

Find out more about the MBSR programme and what to expect.

Watch Jon Kabat Zinn talking about mindfulness:

Who is it for?

It is open to all.

Over the past forty years, mindfulness exercises have been taught with great effect in corporations, schools, law courts, prisons, government agencies – and even the UK Houses of Parliament.

There’s a considerable body of research that speaks of the effectiveness of mindfulness in a wide variety of contexts.

NICE (the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) recommends mindfulness and meditation as a frontline treatment for certain conditions. It’s equally life enhancing for those just living busy lives who feel they’ve more to offer.

You may be interested, if you want to:

  • Improve your memory, concentration, attention and cognitive ability
  • Find greater balance, harmony, energy and peace of mind
  • Improve your health (esp. lower blood pressure and heart rate, sleep management…) and reinforce your immune system
  • Better manage and reduce pain (chronic illness)
  • Better handle life’s challenges and stressful situations
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Handle your mood and emotions more effectively
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Increase your creativity and enhance sense of purpose
  • Gain in self-confidence, increase your self-awareness
  • Have better relationships
  • Or simply live your life more fully !

The neurosciences have also highlighted how mindfulness literally impact the brain structure and functions (neuro-plasticity).

However, this course is NOT SUITABLE for those who are currently suffering clinical depression or in crisis, but can be effective for preventing a recurrence of depression for those who have previously suffered

How does it work?

The core of the MBSR approach is practice and experiential learning. The sessions focus mainly on teaching skills that develop awareness of body sensations, feelings, and thoughts.

It’s all about noticing patterns of thinking and feeling, and from this increased awareness learning to relate differently to them rather than habitually trying to ‘fix’ them. Trying to ‘fix’ or change difficult thoughts and feelings can too often be an expression of our anxiety, fear, frustration or denial, and because of this it does not ‘work’.

The programme consists of:

  • 1 orientation session (you can then decide to enroll the 8-week course or not)
  • 8 sessions on a weekly basis, 2 hours each
  • 1 day of practice (a Saturday or Sunday from 10am to 4pm between session 6 and 7)
  • The practice workbook and audios MP3 to guide you between sessions

The group sessions will include:

  • Mindfulness meditation techniques and practice ( breath and body meditation, body scan, slow mindful movements)
  • Discussions and reflections about the home practice
  • Didactic course on stress and interpersonal communication
  • Informal mindfulness practices and the cultivation of mindfulness in daily tasks

In between session, participants will need to set aside about 45 minutes daily for formal and informal practice. This is a key component of the programme.

What to bring for the mindfulness course

Please bring a yoga mat and your favorite blanket. (not necessary for the Orientation Session). You’re welcome to bring water or tea but it is better not to eat during the course.

Mindfulness Course dates, time, venue and fees

The next course will start in October 2018  (Mondays from 7 to 9 pm) at the Feering Community Centre  (North Essex).

The Orientation Session

date to be confirmed soon

A participation of 5£ will be asked to register to the Orientation session. I am sorry to have to do this, but I had so many cancellations or non attendance without notice that I have to proceed this way.

More here

The next mindfulness in 8-week course

Dates coming soon

Contact me now to confirm your interest and help me set up the next group to kick off the course (minimum of 6 people required)

There will be a practice day  from 10am to 4pm (Saturday or Sunday) between session 6 and 7.

Course fee: 250£ (incl. all content described above) payable latest at Session 1. Non refundable.

For those who are traveling a lot, there is the possibility to have 1:1 tuition over skype or face to face at your own pace and dates (course fee to be discussed accordingly).


About me

I am a fully trained teacher, registered at the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisation.

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Sandrine Gouallier